Wednesday, March 09, 2005

stitch n bitch seoul is go!

A brief history of Stitch n Bitch in Seoul, South Korea thus far:

2004: Seoul Stitch n Bitch begins...
Kristin Nelson, crafter and artist extraordinaire, brings Stitch n Bitch to Korea! Kristin organised several crafting afternoons on Sundays at her apartment in Mapo. Crafting included knitting, knitting-to-be-felted, hanji boxes, notebook making, and editing (ok, not a craft, but a valiant and valid attempt for the differently-crafted to join in the fun).

As well as the excellent company, Kristin's delicious food and warm hosting made Stitch n Bitch an inspiring, productive and very enjoyable time. THANK YOU KRISTIN! YOU ROCK!

Sadly, Kristin is now back in Canada but her legacy carried on, and in 2005, Stitch n Bitch began happening on a regular basis at people's houses in Seoul.

Jane, Mac, and Christina were all been hosts, and Catherine, who lives out of town, came to every meeting and led many attendees through the basics of knitting. Mac did the same for crochet. Christina and Jane had no skills to offer but did make nice food. As did Mac, obviously the most skilled among us!

2005: Stitch n Bitch has the technology!
The Stitch n Bitch website/blog (yep, you're reading it!) is set up, due to the persistant reminders of Catherine and computer of Jane. As you can see, it's still in its infancy but doting mum thinks it'll grow up fast.

Stitch n Bitch leaves home...
Thus far, people came to Stitch n Bitch through word of mouth, and the mailing list of Belles of Queerea, a list for queer women in Korea.

While holding craft afternoons in people's houses is nice and cosy, it was generally agreed that a public place would be better, and enable more people to come and enjoy. It was also time that information about SNB got out to all crafters in Seoul and beyond.

Seoul Stitch n Bitch's history so far is short, small and sweet. Hopefully, it will become long, big, and sweeter with more bitchin!

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