Monday, April 04, 2005

Volunteer Opportunities in Seoul and throughout Korea

If you're interested in donating some of your time to volunteering, there's a list below of women's, human rights, cultural and environmental organisations in Seoul that are looking for volunteers.

I think the main work you'd be doing is proofreading and editing, and you can negotiate the time and amount of work directly with the organisation. But there's also teaching, cuddling babies and organic farming, so check it all out!!

KWHL Korea Women's Hot Line
My friend did part-time editing for this organisation, email her with any questions (Christina: but contact Gwen below if you want to volunteer. They need people from April - June because they are holding a conference about domestic violence and the women's movement in Asia.
(100-391) the House of Women's Peace,
38-84, Jangchoongdong 1ga, Junggu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact Number) 82-2-2269-2962
Fax Number) 82-2-2269-1823
Contact name: Gwen
Korea Women's Associations United
ph 02-2273-9535 /
Korea Women's Associations United(KWAU) was created on February 18, 1987 to unite the power of women's organizations working for women's rights and democracy. Currently KWAU has 5 regional sections and 28 member organizations, representing the progressive women's movement in Korea.

KWAU strives to achieve three primary goals :
1) to build an equal society free from institutional discrimination so that women can enjoy equal rights with men and live with dignity and pride.
2) to build a democratic society where everyone's political, economic, social and cultural rights are fully guaranteed.
3) to build a reunified Korea, where South and North Korea become one nation.

Women Making Peace
(Phone) 02-929-4846 (e-mail)

Women Making Peace is a specialized movement organization formed to realize reunification and peace on the Korean peninsula and to make peace in Asia and the world.Our organization was founded on March 28 1997. We conduct research on the conditions and methods necessary for
the peaceful reunification of Korea, and present policies toward that goal from a feminist perspective. We try to facilitate the equal participation of women in the settlement of conflicts and disputes and to promote women's leadership in peace-making at home and abroad. We work in
solidarity with international peace groups, exchanging information concerning peace and security and thus expanding international women's peace-making networks.

Korean WomenLink
(Office) 02-737-5763 (e-mail)
Womenlink consists of 4 departments : Department of Equality, Sexual violence counseling center, Department of Alternatives etc.

Peace Network :Civil Network for a Peaceful Korea
(Office) 02-733-3509
Major Activities
1. Constant Monitoring of Foreign and Domestic Media Reports on the Korean Peninsula
2. Active Efforts to List Arms Reduction Issues
3. Regular Conferences on Peace on the Korean Peninsula
4. Translation of Local and Foreign Media Reports

Sarangbang Group for Human Rights
(Office) 2-741-5363 (e-mail)
SARANGBANG Group for Human Rights is an independent non-governmental organization to expand the base of human rights advocacyto spread human rights viewpoints to every corner of society to popularize and internationalize human rights advocacyto build a progressive human
The Korean Council for the women drafted for military sexual slavery by japan
(office)02-365-4016 (e-mail)

Citizens' Movement for Environmental Justice
(Office) 02-743-4747

Our members also participate in our life-saving programs by writing letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience, signing urgent petitions and helping organize massive campaigns for human rights.
Members of the Urgent Action Network respond quickly in crisis situations, making phone calls and sending letters, faxes, telegrams and emails when individuals are in danger of torture in detention or are suffering health emergencies requiring immediate attention. If you would like to join Urgent Action Network, there is an anual membership fee of 5000 won per year.
To join or for further questions, please contact at 02-730-4756 or email to us at

Jane did part-time editing for this organisation, email her with any questions.
Green Hub is comprised of volunteers for the international affairs team of KFEM (Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, Friends of the Earth Korea). We assist the internatjonal affairs team in preparing for international conferences, contacting foreign organizations, informing the world about Korean environmental issues and informing Koreans about international environmental issues.
Join through their website or email

Yheesan Volunteering at Orphanages (Korea-wide)
Yheesun is a group of volunteers such as you coming together in a common effort to help children in need. Our only goals are to share our time, experiences and love with children. Volunteering involves spending one afternoon a week at an orphanage.
Join through their website.

Korean Red Cross International Volunteers
The KRCIV is a special volunteer unit of the Korea National Red Cross reporting to KNRC HQ through the KNRC IRD. Our members are drawn from all walks of life, Koreans and foreigners, within country and abroad. The basic goal of the KRCIV is to save lives and help people. Our secondary goal is to strengthen cooperative relations between the people of Korea and those from other nations.
Join through their website.

WWOOFing stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms. Wwoof volunteers work on organic farms all over the world in exchange for food and board. To be a volunteer or "wwoofer", you are required to join the Korean WWOOF organisation. Join and find a farm to stay at on their website

CCAP: Cross-Cultural Awareness Program
CCAP is a program run by UNESCO. The main volunteer activity is called "Regular Class" in which foreigners present a class about their culture to Korean young people, in a Korean public school. CCAP is not just for providing Korean students with knowledge of specific cultures, but more for sharpening their thoughts and attitudes in favour of cultural diversity and open-mindedness. The other volunteer activity is called "Caravan", in which volunteers take weekend trips and present interactive classes to present their culture to Korean students in remote areas. The teams also have Q&A sessions for students to have their questions answered and a one night stopover with Korean families allowing both sides to further share cultural experiences.
To join, visit their website


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