Monday, July 04, 2005

DIY Crafts: Sites with project instructions

She Made This
This site has a long list of craft projects, including paper mache box lights, marble magnets and 80s earrings. There's also a community forum where crafters post crafts, and pics of contributor's creations. is a repository for hip, crafty, diy (do it yourself) projects. People who have crafty urges, but who are not excited by cross stitched bunnies and crocheted toilet paper cozies, can show off their current craft projects, ask advice on future projects and get inspiration for new endeavors. Whenever possible, members are encouraged to post pictures of the steps involved in making a project as well as the final results. Special emphasis is placed on projects that involve recycling, reusing and repurposing existing objects.

Get Crafty htpp://
Getcrafty has been around since 1997. It started as a zine called Crafty Lady, then morphed into a full web site with forums, reviews, craft blogs - a very community-orientated site.

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