Friday, February 10, 2006

FYI: StitchnBitch trademark debacle

Recently a New York firm called Sew Easy has got its knickers in a knot over its trademarking of the name, "StitchnBitch", despite claims by Debbie Stoller, author of knitting books "StitchnBitch" and "StitchnBitch Nation" that the term came about in the 1960s. Check out the story here....

This company has been aggressively trying to stop all "illegal" uses of its trademark, including 'lil old StitchnBitch groups. While Debbie Stoller and Sew Easy battle it out over the rights to use StitchnBitch, the company has successfully demanded that Yahoo, which hosts many SNB groups' mailing list, delete all mailing lists with "StitchnBitch" in their title. Obviously, this completely sucks - the name "stitch and bitch" is common use rather than an trademarkable brand, SNB groups are community groups that make no money off the name, and the claim to ownership by Sew Easy is pretty dubious anyway.

Since Seoul SNB uses google to host its list and blogger to host its blog, we've gone undetected, heh heh!

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