Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First Official Seoul SNB a roaring success!

The first official Seoul StitchnBitch was held March 20th at Our Place, Itaewon.

Dee, Kristin, Andy, Allison, Mac, Talilla, ChuHui, Karloyn, Liz and Jane came along. An excellent attendence by excellent men and ladyfolk! The projects ranged from scarves and blanket squares to coasters, phone covers and general creative craftiness.

The Seoul SNB mailing list was also set up.

And some photos....

Yup, Seoul stitchnbitch is this good.

Talilla knits a rectangle for her blanket.

Andy knits his much-admired scarf.

Karolyn peruses the patterns from Knitty.com

Chuhui cuts out felt shapes to sew.

...and voila! Chuhui's embroidery.

Dee's gorgeous scarf. By the end of the afternoon it is finished, and with Mac's help, some tassles added.

The beginning of Jane's square for the stitch n bitch blanket.

Karolyn's kewl cat. Note the cat's stragically placed third eye.

Allison, Kristin and Mac - the knitting production line.


...and just a sample of her funky crafting.

Mac crochets a square for the stitch n bitch blanket.

Mac's beautifully finished crochet square.

Allison's knitting needles are her new friends.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Next Stitch n Bitch March 20

Where: Our Place Restaurant and Bar, 7th Floor
Exit 3 Itaewon Station, Itaewon, Seoul
When : 4pm
Call : Jane on 010 4440 7905 for more information or email seoulsnb@gmail.com

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Stitch n Bitch February 27th

Christina, Catherine and Mac admiring the view from Mac's apartment on the 22nd floor. You can't actually see the view, but trust me, it was spec-tac-ular!

Mac is also WICKED cook and superb host. Sumptuous spead included falafels, pita bread, miso/tahini sauce and salad.

Christina, taking a break from her knitting - the cutest grey square in knitting history, guaranteed.

Christina shares a private joke with her dear grey square.

Coy Catherine with the baby blanket she's knitting for her friend having twins.

Mac, the creme de la crochet.

Mac industriously working on one of the many crocheted squares for the StitchnBitch blanket.
Total squares from the group so far: 7
Total squares made by Mac: 7
Enough said! Mac rocks!

Camera-shy Jane's orange scarf.

Stitch n Bitch regulars: Christina, Mac, Jane and Catherine.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

stitch n bitch seoul is go!

A brief history of Stitch n Bitch in Seoul, South Korea thus far:

2004: Seoul Stitch n Bitch begins...
Kristin Nelson, crafter and artist extraordinaire, brings Stitch n Bitch to Korea! Kristin organised several crafting afternoons on Sundays at her apartment in Mapo. Crafting included knitting, knitting-to-be-felted, hanji boxes, notebook making, and editing (ok, not a craft, but a valiant and valid attempt for the differently-crafted to join in the fun).

As well as the excellent company, Kristin's delicious food and warm hosting made Stitch n Bitch an inspiring, productive and very enjoyable time. THANK YOU KRISTIN! YOU ROCK!

Sadly, Kristin is now back in Canada but her legacy carried on, and in 2005, Stitch n Bitch began happening on a regular basis at people's houses in Seoul.

Jane, Mac, and Christina were all been hosts, and Catherine, who lives out of town, came to every meeting and led many attendees through the basics of knitting. Mac did the same for crochet. Christina and Jane had no skills to offer but did make nice food. As did Mac, obviously the most skilled among us!

2005: Stitch n Bitch has the technology!
The Stitch n Bitch website/blog (yep, you're reading it!) is set up, due to the persistant reminders of Catherine and computer of Jane. As you can see, it's still in its infancy but doting mum thinks it'll grow up fast.

Stitch n Bitch leaves home...
Thus far, people came to Stitch n Bitch through word of mouth, and the mailing list of Belles of Queerea, a list for queer women in Korea.

While holding craft afternoons in people's houses is nice and cosy, it was generally agreed that a public place would be better, and enable more people to come and enjoy. It was also time that information about SNB got out to all crafters in Seoul and beyond.

Seoul Stitch n Bitch's history so far is short, small and sweet. Hopefully, it will become long, big, and sweeter with more bitchin!

Friday, March 04, 2005

About Seoul Stitch n Bitch

Seoul Stitch n Bitch is a fortnightly crafting get-together, held in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea. We meet at 2.30pm at the Orange Tree Cafe/bar (exit 2, Noksapyeong Station) on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. Directions to Our Place are here.

All crafters welcome. BYO knitting, needlework, felting, crochet, art, doodling, whatever! If you don't know how to do a craft, just bring the materials along and someone will be happy to teach you.

Basically people show up, order coffee or drinks, and do their crafts whilst chatting with other people. People can stay as long as they like...most people leave at 5 or 6pm, and sometimes have dinner together afterwards.

and for some demographics : ) .... it's mainly women, ages range from mid-20s to late 40s, the common language is English, and most people are English teachers. We're an easy-going and friendly bunch!

Stitch n Bitch also has a mailing list, where you can receive reminders about the next meeting, and post to the list. Join the list or read old emails here: Seoul StitchnBitch mailing list.
It's not a "heavy duty" mailing list though! (i.e. won't clog up your inbox)

Buying craft materials in Seoul

Fabric, felt, wool, sewing and knitting supplies, beads, jewellry making supplies, embroidery thread

Dongdaemun Shopping Town, Dongdaemun.
Dongdaemun Shopping Town has a pretty good range of wool (basement), beads (5th floor), sewing supplies (ground floor) and fabric (2nd floor). It's a tall white building with "Dongdaemun Shopping Town" written in large letters. It used to be called "Dongdaemun Chain Store", and this name might still be used on old maps.

You can buy wool in separate balls for 4000 - 7000 won or a pack of 4 for 20 - 30 000 won. You can try bargaining a little if you're buying more than one ball. Fabric is sold by the yard.

It's open daily EXCEPT SUNDAYS from around 10am - 6pm.

1. Catch the subway on line 1 (dark blue) or 4(light blue) to Dongdaemun station.
2. Take exit 8 or 9. The building is on the corner, across a parking lot and next to Chongyechon stream.

1. Catch the subway on line 2 (green) 4 (light blue) or 5 (purple) to Dongdaemun Stadium station.
2. Take exit 14 and walk straight ahead past Migliore and Doota shopping centres until you come to Cheonggye stream (which runs under the road).
3. Cross the road, and Dongdaemun Shopping Center, the white building, will be on the other side.

If you get horribly lost, there is a tourist information centre at the entrance of Dongdaemun Stadium itself.

Yarn, knitting needles, crochet yarn, crochet hooks, felting material

Small yarn shops, Myeongdong Underground Shopping Arcade, Myeongdong.
Between Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae Department store, there is an underground arcade that has lots of yarn shops. This arcade also specialises in record (LP) shops, hiking gear, and second hand cameras!

Beads, paint, canvas, art materials, ribbon, hanji paper, wrapping paper, felt, vinyl, jewelry making supplies

Alpha Stationary Store, Namdaemun Markets
Alpha is a chain of stationary stoes, and this branch of Alpha has five floors and has a great range of stationary and art supplies.

There are two male staff who speak English and are assigned to help foreigners. For shopping you must take a basket for your purchases, and when you have finished shopping on each floor, go to what looks like a register, where you will receive a receipt of your items. (You can't get a receipt for items from different floors all at once).Take these receipts for every floor to the ground floor, where you then pay at the main check-out.

Alpha is not inside Namdaemun Markets itself, but is a shop on one of the main roads around Namdaemun. It's near Gate 1 of the Namdaemun, but you'll be walkiing around the outside of the markets to get there from the subway.

Catch the subway to Hoehyon Station, line 4, and take exit 5.
Exit to the right, and follow the central shopping street down the slight hill till you pass an optical store, and see a staircase and yellow sign with Alpha in blue writing.

Hanji paper, cardboard boxes for decoupage, varnish, calligraphy brushes

Insadong paper shops, Insadong main street
There are a few shops along the main paved street with beautiful hanji paper and boxes and small trays to decoupage. There is one shop on the corner at the "Insadong crossroads" (see map) and also towards the Jonggak end of the street.

Take the subway line 3 to Anguk station, exit 6. Walk straight and in 100 metres you'll see the main street of Insadong on your left.
OR take the subway line 1 to Jonggak station. Walk straight and turn left.

Craft supplies right near the Former StitchnBitch meeting place, Noksapyeong

Map to craft shop in Noksapyeong

There is a small yarn shop in Noksapyeong, about 10 minutes away from the former StitchnBitch meeting place at the Orange Tree in Haebangchon. The shop sells a small variety of yarn, as well as embroidery thread, crochet and knitting needles, and cross stitch supplies.

The shop is daily but only sometimes open Sunday, sometimes not :/ !
The lady who works in it can only speak Korean, and is very friendly.

1. Take the subway on line 6 (brown) to Noksapyeong station.
2. Take exit 2 and walk straight down the hill.
3. Just past the bus stop, you'll see some stairs going under the main road. Take them, cross under and in the underpass, take the stairs to the left going up.
5. You'll come up on ground level outside some restaurants, and an entrance to guarded army building on your right. Cross the road to the Chinese restaurant.
6. Go right up the street and walk past some paint shops, a chicken shop and a vet for about 3 minutes.
7. The craft shop is on the left.