Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's on: Seoul SnB Trip May 3-4

We've decided to spend the weekend in the Gangchon/Chuncheon area.
You can rent bikes and scooters. There's bungee jumping. There's a waterfall that makes seven sounds. Or is it nine? In Chuncheon there's really good dalk-galbi.

Here's the details as they currently stand.

Saturday May 3:
11:35am Cheongyangni Station depart.
1:15pm Gangchon Station arrive.

(alternate times: 12:45 dep. 2:25 arr.)

Sunday May 4
7:30pm Gangchon Station depart.
9:05pm Cheongyangni Station arrive.

(alternate times: 6:40-8:20 or 8:20-10pm)

And well, that's about it. I don't want to plan activities and that sort of stuff for us to do. That kind of thing we can play by ear or discuss on the list. I know Jane has intentions of getting drunk and going to noraebang :) I imagine I'll be joining her.

The cost is 4,700 won each way (9,400 won round trip). I want to buy tickets on Saturday (April 26) so I'm gonna need an RSVP by then. Please email me at to confirm.

I'm currently looking into a place to stay. We were talking about finding some place that would basically accomodate all of us in one room. I'm not sure about the cost but really I wouldn't expect to pay more than 20,000 each.

So please, email me at to confirm that you want to come on the trip. I'll be booking train tickets and people can pay me back the day of.