Friday, July 21, 2006

Sunday July 23rd

Remember how the plan was to go on a templestay this weekend? Well that's been cancelled so...

regular Stitch n Bitch meeting at the Orange Tree at 2:30

It's also Cath's last SnB so we'll be going out to dinner after the meeting.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I say Hello!

With all these goodbyes don't think I've forgotten we have some new members! Just wanna say hey to Miss Koco who is not only stitchin' and bitchin' with us, but also contributing to the blog.

Did you know that you can contribute to the blog too? Just send an email to letting me know and I'll get you all set up! It's easy as pie.

I don't know why you say goodbye... (part 3)

Two weeks later, it was Sarah's goodbye. And then the week after that Colleen's. We didn't have a typical SnB meeting for either of those.

For Sarah's goodbye, Seoul Stitch n Bitch took a fieldtrip to Gyeongbokgung. And to say by to Colleen, the remaining SnB ladies *cough* Me and Cath *cough* met her for brunch.

(I'm sure everyone understands the "read more" link at this stage in the game).

I've sorta been putting off writing these entries because I'm out of things to say. So I'll leave you with some photos...

Cath, Julia, and Sarah at Gyeonbokgung.

I'm sure the guide pamphlet told me what exactly this part of the palace was for, but I totally don't remember. Purty, isn't it?

Sarah, taking a picture of a fish. She got a really nice shot. And a picture of my bum.

After Gyeongbokgung we went to Insadong. This is outside the Old Tea Shop.

And that, folks, wraps up the goodbyes for now. Cath's last Stitch n Bitch is next weekend, July 23rd. We're hoping to take a fieldtrip to a temple stay. Details on that and August's meeting schedule to follow really soon!

I don't know why you say goodbye... (part 2)

D'you know who I forgot to mention in the last post? Mac. I didn't make it out to her going away party so I don't have any photos. Sorry! It was out at Anna's place and I'm told that everyone had a good time.

So after Jen's last Stitch n Bitch we went out to dinner and then to noraebang! Both Jen and Sarah objected but as you can see from the photos, eventually joined in on the fun.

(Click "read more" for the rest of the photos and my inane ramblings)

Being the woman with the biggest camera means I get to take embarassingly close pictures of my friends while they sing and then post them on the internet. Being the woman who writes the blog posts means that even though there were a few pictures of me that turned up on my camera, I get spared this embarassment.


Cath - rockin' out.

So Jen was the biggest objector to the noraebang experience. She sorta sat and pouted for a little bit until a song came on that she wanted to sing. Then she rocked out.

We all rocked out. I sang "Stand by your man" by Tammy Wynette with an embarassingly awesome country twang.

But then, it was time to go home. *sigh* The goodbyes are starting to get hard to do...

Friday, July 14, 2006

In the News

Hello world, Miss Koco here. Here? Yes, yes, I'm blogging all over the place these days! I'm so excited.

The reason for such elation? The fabulous article about Seoul StitchnBitch in the Korea Herald, of course. Check it out here.
Okay, I'm just keeping this one brief. Till next time, here are some links for fun:

knitting for psychos

A collective fiber art project out in California:


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I don't know why you say goodbye... (part 1)

I know none of you read my personal blog. But if you did you know I write notoriously long blog entries. I'm going to do my best not to do that here but I suspect today's might be a touch on the long side. Just in case you don't make it to the end, I'll remind you now there is a Stitch n Bitch meeting this weekend, July 9th - 2:30pm @ The Orange Tree.

We've had so many goodbyes lately. I believe it all began with Jane, our fearless leader. She moved back to Australia in early March. Then we had about 20 goodbye parties for Jen. And that's where the photos start. I actually don't have any pictures of Jen's official going away celebration but I do have some pictures of her actual last Stitch n Bitch meeting.

(Click "read more" for the rest of the photos and commentary. Also, all the photos are clickable for a larger view).

Not only was it Jen's going away, it was also Chris and Anna's last meeting for the summer (can't wait to have you guys back!). Jen showed up with bags and bags of stuff and sucessfully pawned it off on all of us.

Actually, I ended up with the bulk of that yarn. It was a tangly good time. That weekend's meeting was bittersweet. Not everyone was leaving permanantly but those who were coming back also had to say goodbye to those who weren't.

There's such a great sense of community that's formed between us. Really, I think that's one of the best things about crafting groups. Honestly I could go off about knitting creating a sense of community but I'll stay on topic for this post :) I will mention our frappr map. Go. Sign up. Put a pin and let us know where you've landed! And please, keep in touch.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Blood or: How to get to SnB, a referesher

Last night Cath and I went to Eden and we met some pretty great people. I certainly hope they can make it out to our next Stich n Bitch Meeting at the Orange Tree! *cough* July 9th, 2:30pm *cough*

If you're one of them or if you've just stumbled upon our little group here I thought I'd put the directions to our meetings up here and easily accessible. As always the full written directoins are available here and have an easy link on the sidebar on the right of this page.

Coming soon is the info on the templestay field trip and probably some pictures that we've taken at the past few events.