Saturday, July 15, 2006

I don't know why you say goodbye... (part 2)

D'you know who I forgot to mention in the last post? Mac. I didn't make it out to her going away party so I don't have any photos. Sorry! It was out at Anna's place and I'm told that everyone had a good time.

So after Jen's last Stitch n Bitch we went out to dinner and then to noraebang! Both Jen and Sarah objected but as you can see from the photos, eventually joined in on the fun.

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Being the woman with the biggest camera means I get to take embarassingly close pictures of my friends while they sing and then post them on the internet. Being the woman who writes the blog posts means that even though there were a few pictures of me that turned up on my camera, I get spared this embarassment.


Cath - rockin' out.

So Jen was the biggest objector to the noraebang experience. She sorta sat and pouted for a little bit until a song came on that she wanted to sing. Then she rocked out.

We all rocked out. I sang "Stand by your man" by Tammy Wynette with an embarassingly awesome country twang.

But then, it was time to go home. *sigh* The goodbyes are starting to get hard to do...

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