Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meetup: Success!

February 16th Stitch n Bitch/ meetup was definitely a success in my books.

I was late and didn't make it to myknitstudio in Insadong. Neither did Jane. So we met at Dongdaemun and the others joined us later.

It was a fabulous yarn-shopping good time. We wandered around the basement of Dongdaemun Shopping town and lots of us bought lots of yarn. I was not one of the lucky shoppers as I'm broke as a joke but it was still nice to hang out and with crafty folks. I'm pretty sure everyone was happy with their purchases.

At one of my favorite yarn vendors at that market, we were all given free Addi needle guage checkers. They were pretty neat and had a little ruler on them with a short little knife for cutting yarn. VERY handy. One thing I love about shopping in Korea? Service-uh!

After we shopped all the way from the yarn in the basement to the beads on the 6th floor, we headed over to Himalaya restaurant by Dongmyo station for some most delicious Indian foods. It was tasty indeed!

I had a blast, ladies! I hope you all did too. I think we should do it again soon.

Don't forget our regular meeting this Sunday, March 2nd! Cafe T+ at 2:30.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Meeting Saturday February 16th, 2008

Hello hello!

Have you all hear of THE coolest knitting and crochet website on the internerd these days: ? No? Well you should head on over there and check it out. It's a great place to organize your projects, your stash, check out patterns, and meet people!

I sound like a paid advertisement eh? Well I'm not I just totally adore the site. And it has a Korea group on there. This Saturday a bunch of us from the Korea group are going to be meeting up for some yarn shopping, dinners, and knitting and you're all invited.

Sarah, from our SnB group organizes the Korea group over on ravelry and I know she'd be thrilled if any of you wanted to come. Here's our plan as it stands:

1pm meet at Anguk Station Exit 6 and head over to myknitstudio. (It's on the 3rd floor of the GS25 convenience store that you see just at the entrance to Insadong)
That woman has a lot of cool luxury yarns (Koigu anyone?) and the largest selection of English knitting and crochet books/magazines that I've seen in Korea. We'll spend some time there and then head over to...

Dongdaemun Shopping Town (Dongdaemun Station exit 9). 6 (or 5?) floors of crafty goodness. The whole basement is yarn. Lots of it is in bulk but there are many sellers who will sell 1 ball at a time. After yarn shopping it's time for...

Dinner at Himalaya, an Indian restaurant at Dongmyo Station (1 stop away). I've never tried it but one of our ravelry friends says it's great! And finally post dinner is an optional sit and knit at Sarah's place which, correct me if I'm wrong, is at Jegi-dong station.

You all are invited for all or part of this day of fibery goodness. If you can't make it right for 1pm at Anguk than feel free to give myself a call at 010 2897 3825 or Sarah at 010 3194-9685 to see where we're at.