Friday, August 28, 2009

Meeting Location for Sunday August 30th

Since we're no longer meeting at Cafe T+, the Seoul SnB group has been looking for a new cafe to meet at. One of our wonderful members, Hanna, has located a cafe in Gangnam that sounds delightful. Here are the directions:

Go out exit 7. Head straight about 3 blocks until you get to the side
road just before the CGV movie theater. Turn right and go up that side
road until you see a 7 Monkeys (coffee shop). It'll be on an alleyway
on your left as you head up. Enter the alleyway and Obliviate will be
straight ahead. If you get lost, call/text Hanna at 010-7706-0352.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meeting schedule for August

This is directly cross-posted from the Seoul Stitch n Bitch mailing list. Please join our mailing list for the most updated information about our meeting schedule.

Hey craftyfolk!
I'm headed out of town to China on Friday and I won't be back until the end of the month. I won't be able to send out updates so this is it :) If I get something wrong, please reply to the thread. I'm a skatterbrain.

11 Tuesday 7pm Starbucks near the Crown and Capital Hotels in Itaewon
I think some people are going out to dinner at Indigo to say goodbye to Laura before the meeting. 6pm, IIRC.

13 Thursday 6pm Namu Keuneul in Gangnam

16 Sunday 2:30pm Location still to be decided. Please keep an eye on the mailing list and someone will make a final decision. So far I think it's 2 votes for Hobby and 1 vote for Tea Purple

18 Tuesday 7pm Starbucks near the Crown and Capital Hotels in Itaewon

20 Thursday 7pm Banul in Myeong-dong

23 Sunday
2:30pm Meeple. I will call and make that reservation today. I'll post on the list to confirm that.

25 Tuesday 7pm Starbucks near the Crown and Capital Hotels in Itaewon

27 Thursday 6pm Namu Keuneul in Gangnam.

30 Sunday 2:30pm Location presently undecided. Again, I'll need you all to decide where you want to meet. Cafe T+? Hobby? Tea Purple? Elsewhere? If this gets decided in the Korea forum on, can someone please post here on the list so that those of us who aren't on rav get the info?

Directions to everywhere but the undecided Sunday meetings:

Have a great August folks!
Happy Crafting.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yarn in Itaewon

Living outside of Seoul I rarely make it to our weekly meetup at the Starbucks by the Crown and Capital Hotels in Itaewon (Tuesdays, 7pm). However, last week I didn't have to work so off to Itaewon I went. I ran some errands, stopped by the Foreign Food Mart, What The Book, and while I was killing time before my esthetics appointment at Pro-Nails, I met Calvin.

Calvin and his Korean business partner run a yarn business in Itaewon. They used to have a stall in Dongdaemun and also in Insadong but now they're operating an open-air location. It's really easy to find. Go out exit 3 or 4 of Itaewon Station and start walking up the street, well I used to say the street with Burger King but I'm pretty sure it's a Coldstone and a Quizno's now. Calvin's shop is on the corner of the first alley turning right (going to the Wolfhound).

They sell pre-made bags and hats. The bags run about 30,000-50,000won and I didn't ask about the hats. They also do sell yarn. They have books of colour cards so you choose the yarn you want to buy and it gets delivered in about 2 minutes. Calvin also said he welcomes new knitters. But some yarn from him and he'll help you with your project. You can sit and knit with him and stop by anytime for help with a new technique. Since the Seoul SnB only meets three times a week, that's a pretty useful service :)