Thursday, July 07, 2005

Craft Markets

Seoul: Hongdae Free Market
This market happens in the park outside the entrance gate of Honggik University. There's stalls with handmade goods and crafts, secondhand clothes, jewellry.

To get a stall, you must put in an application with the market organiser. While Kristin, the original Seoul StitchnBitcher had her application rejected for uncertain reasons, she set up a small stall on the street just outside the markets and had no problems.

The markets are on Saturday and Sunday, and start mid-morning, and finish around dusk.

Craft Fairs and Bazaars
With a punky twist on the typical craft bazaar and cake stall, diy craft communities have started to hold their own craft shows.

Art vs. Craft

DIY Trunk Show


Renegade Craft Fair

Bazaar Bizarre

Bizarre Bazarr

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Craft and Knitting Blogs

Some knitting blogs and general craft blogs. But what's a blog?


Sew Wrong
An entertaining and interesting sewing blog by several authors doing a range of sewing projects with step-by-step instructions.

Not Martha
Not Martha is a craft blog with instructions on how to make simple crafts and lots of postings on other craft projects and ideas.

Loose Tooth
Just one of the blogs of crafter, artist and designer Brandy, who knits, sews, paints and makes jewellry as well as selling her craft online and participating in local craft and diy fairs. This blog, her "art" blog, hasn't been updated for a quite a while but it's still inspiring stuff!

Whip Up is a multi author site with contributors from around the world united by a passion for making things, for beautiful design and for a desire to share ideas with others. This website has been created in order to bring the best original and exciting crafts to the attention of many.

Extreme Craft A compendium of craft masquerading as art, art masquerading as craft, and craft extending its middle finger

Scissorina scissorina (sizz-oh-reenah) noun, a female, scissor wielding multi-tasking crafter, often found drinking beer in large packs pretending to knit.

Crafster the Blog
A blog from one of the women behind the craft forum site, with her own craft activities and Craft Challenges to blog readers.


Knitting in Public
A blog following the knitting and yarn adventures of Kylie Gusset, from Melbourne StitchnBitch.

Unravelled Random thoughts and pictures to document the knitting habit.

Another Blog About Crochet and Knitting
because we can never have enough.

Elabeth Knits

Handmade Crafts for Sale

Etsy is a site by crafters for crafters. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to sell their handmade items, without the hassle of setting up an entire website and with much lower fees than eBay. Etsy is for selling anything that is handmade, from clothes to furniture to computer cases, so let your crafting run wild.

Crafty Bitch
CraftyBitch bags are 100% handmade, one-of-a-kind creations made from unexpected materials and a wild imagination.

Crafty Chica
Original, fabulous, shiny, glittery, cultural art made by Patrick Murillo and Kathy Cano Murillo in our sunny Phoenix, AZ, living room since 1990! This site also has some craft projects.

Sublime Stitching
The ultimate funky embroidery site. Order embroidery patterns and sets.

Gorgeous handmade guitar straps, belts and accessories.

Austin Craft Mafia
We're just ten independent business owners in Austin, TX who share similar beginnings in fashion, craft and art. Each lady of the ACM owns and operates a respected and established business that represents the DIY spirit and brings her own individual talents to the group. The site has links to fashion and craft sites.

Storybox Purses
Storyboxes purses are made by taking empty wooden cigar boxes, paint them, collage them with all sorts of vintage and reproduction vintage elements (whatever suits my fancy!), then coating them with glaze for protection.

State of Delirium
This website has handmade bags, record bowls and some original jewelry made from antique dominos.

Sew Nifty
Knitted and sewn handbags and ponchos. All Sew Nifty handbags are either a one-of-a-kind designs or produced in small, limited quantities. All designs are original with alot of attention to small details, handmade in my home studio with a portion of the profits being donated to Diabetes Research and Treatment.

Queen Bee Creations
Queen Bee Creations is best known for its collection of bags made from vinyl, belts, wallets, click coin purses and other cool handmade accessories. Really nice stuff!

Not Without My Handbag
A designer from San Francisco who makes pop-culture infused accessories like album cover purses, keyboard jewellry, and wallets made from album covers, baseball cards, donut boxes and more.

Sew Dorky
Makers of fine handstitched felt donuts.

Kim White Handbags
Made from Vintage Automotive fabrics, Kim White uses dead stock never-used textiles intended for use in American automobiles: cars, trucks and vans.

Uncommon Goods
We are combining the treasures of a specialty boutique, the great finds of a craft show, discoveries from a faraway bazaar, along with some enduring classics.

Ex Libris Anonymous
Handmade journal and blank books made from old book covers.

Crafting Groups

Stitch n Bitch
The group that started it all!

The Church of Craft
The Church of Craft aims to create an environment where any and all acts of making have value to our humanness. By promoting creativity, we offer access to a non-denominational spiritual practice that is self-determined and proactive. There are Churches of Craft in major cities around the world.

Writing in the Stitch n Bitch Blog

This blog is available for anyone to read, and for members of Seoul StitchnBitch to write. To write in this blog, you must first join the StitchnBitch mailing list.

Write in the StitchnBitch Blog
When you join the mailing list, you will be invited to become a "team member" of this blog. If you don't have a blogger account already, you'll be prompted to create one. Blogger accounts are free. Once you have your own blogger account, you can login to Blogger and start writing!

This blog has an administrator, and team members. Team members can either be Administrators or not. Administrators can edit all posts (not just their own), add and remove team members (and grant admin access), and modify blog properties. Non-admins can only post to the blog.

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Posting Pictures in the Blog

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Monday, July 04, 2005

DIY Crafts: Sites with project instructions

She Made This
This site has a long list of craft projects, including paper mache box lights, marble magnets and 80s earrings. There's also a community forum where crafters post crafts, and pics of contributor's creations. is a repository for hip, crafty, diy (do it yourself) projects. People who have crafty urges, but who are not excited by cross stitched bunnies and crocheted toilet paper cozies, can show off their current craft projects, ask advice on future projects and get inspiration for new endeavors. Whenever possible, members are encouraged to post pictures of the steps involved in making a project as well as the final results. Special emphasis is placed on projects that involve recycling, reusing and repurposing existing objects.

Get Crafty htpp://
Getcrafty has been around since 1997. It started as a zine called Crafty Lady, then morphed into a full web site with forums, reviews, craft blogs - a very community-orientated site.