Saturday, June 24, 2006

Special SnB Sunday June 25th

With many of our members leaving either for the summer or for good our meetings have been happening weekly but the location and format have been changing.

This week is no exception. Or well, it is insofar as we won't be meeting at the Orange Tree or doing any knitting. It's Sarah's last weekend in town so we're all going to meet and go to Gwangbukgong Palace and then Insadong.

Meet at Gwangbukgong station.. Line 5 (purple line) at 1pm

If you get lost or want to meet up with us later call Marie at 010 3147 4354

Also, this is from Colleen's post to the SnB mailing list:

hey ladies,

i can't keep track of time - it is just flying by! i just realized that since i missed sunday's stitch n bitch (office outing with nathaniel's office), i only have one more sunday in seoul. and unfortunately, i'll have to miss that meeting too (office outing with my office).

of course, i can't leave korea without saying goodbye to the stitchers.

so, would anyone be interested in meeting up for brunch or dinner either this saturday (the 24th) or next (the 1st)? brunch either day or dinner this saturday would work for me.

i'm also open to other suggestions.


I vote we try to meet up for brunch on the 1st. Please feel free to discuss this on the mailing list, that's what it's for :)

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