Sunday, October 19, 2008



I think today's Stitch n Bitch had the biggest turnout I've seen. That was really inspiring (so much so that I'm blogging)! Thanks guys.

We had so many different people working on many different projects. I didn't whip out my camera phone and take photos at this meeting but I did take a bunch of pictures a few meetings ago so here they are:

A rather unsuspecting Robin working on her cross stitch.

Joel, Heather, Cheryl, and Katy.

Heather working on the chenille baby blanket. (Look at where you started just a few weeks ago, Heather. It's really coming along!)

Jenny, probably unimpressed with my photography.

Lana showing off the back of her lovely sweater. Isn't it gorgeous.

I was so thrilled to see so many folks out this week. If anyone took any photos I'd love to post them on the blog. Please email them to

See y'all in two weeks.

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