Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turtle: LYS/Craft shop near Cafe T+

This LYS/Craft shop is called Turtle.

Hyehwa Station (Line 4) Exit 4. When you come out, you'll be facing a Baskin Robins. Go straight, Turtle is on your left less than 10 shops away from the Baskin Robins.

Now, when I say "go straight" this may be confusing as there are 2 ways of going straight. Make sure you're on the main, busy road with the busses and all the traffic.

They have a decent selection of yarns including Noro and a few types of Rowan. No other names that I recognized. The prices weren't any better or worse than most yarn shops.

They also have beading supplies and quilting supplies and other craft stuff. Oh yea, embroidery floss. They had crochet hooks, the usual cheap bamboo needles, also some Clover bamboo needles for about 6500won and some other metal needles the brand I recognize from being here but the name is escaping me. They also had straight needles. I didn't see any dpns.

There was one woman who spoke English and helped me see if there was anything thinner than the cotton dk/sport weight that I spotted. She seemed nice. I'm really used to bumbling around in Korean. If only I knew more knitting terms...

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