Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding Stationary & Toys in Dongdaemun

Look no further than Changsin-dong Toy Street. It's an elusive little street, located on the back side of the block that you'll find shoes and pets. I hunted high and low for it after my tour books advised me that they were along the Cheonggyecheon, where the pets are located now. That was true in the 70's, but not any longer.

Easy directions would be to follow this little strip map I found on Google. I'll elaborate a bit to help those that may not be familiar with anything but the fiber in the Dongdaemun Shopping Complex and anyone who might be arriving on foot from a bus or from a cab.

Coming from the South, you'll cross the Cheonggyecheon and you'll see shoes, shoes and more shoes. You can head up the little alley way facing you straight on and find yourself on the far side of the block (where you would take a right) or you can take the long way around to the left and circle the outside of the block along the back side of Dongdaemun gate. Either way, you find yourself along the road that the map indicates has the Dongdaemun Station exits on Line 1. Keep walking until you see the Dokil Drugstore, you're going to be turning down a little alley/road just past it.

Dokil Drugstore does not have a big sign but the store windows are well labelled, so be on the lookout. I've been able to easily spot the correct road because every time I go, the road is so crammed with parked delivery vans blocking the road that I could hardly get down it.

You'll find everything from wrapping paper and party supplies to stationary goodies like you'd find at Alpha to stickers to toys, toys and more toys. While I did not personally find a significant amount of scrapbook supplies, there are some stores that have some paper and punches. Anyone looking for Halloween costumes should start here. There is a crossroad towards the middle of the alley, I have never explored much off the main road, there may be some great shops hidden off the beaten path.

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