Monday, June 07, 2010

KIP Day is coming!!

Or, for those of you who don't share my love of acronyms, Worldwide Knit in Public Day. It's almost here! This Saturday, June 12, in fact. Seoul SnB is having a meetup to celebrate, swap yarn, and chill.


Yarn Crawl at Dongdaemun Shopping Town: Meet at Dongdaemun Station, lines 1 and 4, exit 9 at 1030 am. (If you're coming, give me a heads up by emailing me or leaving a comment on this post siobhain.rivera at My phone number is on the google group thread for KIP Day if you get lost or are going to be late.

Meetup at 2 pm: Euljiro 1-ga Station, line 2. Exit for Korea Electric Power Corporation. (Walk away from the underground plaza in the center of the station toward the underground arcade to Euljiro 3-ga, it's the second exit on your right.) Walk straight out of the exit toward the main part of Myeongdong. It looks like this:

We'll be doing a yarn swap, so bring stuff to trade! It shouldn't be raining, but if it is, there are myriad cafes we can escape into. We're also going to be working on another ugly blanket to raise money for the Korean Sexual Violence Resource Center; last year we ended up donating about 150,000 won to them with all the tickets we sold, and it would be great if we could top that! So bring your 6" squares for the blankie and I'll start selling tickets then. (Don't worry, I'll be selling tickets/collecting squares for a few months at least.)

After the meetup: Subway Knitting!! We'll be getting on the Green Line (Line 2) and going around the circle. It will probably take an hour and a half or so, but of course feel free to get off at your stop, or whenever you feel like it. But think how awesome it would be to have a bunch of us knitting on the subway together! Bet that would catch some attention. (Beware the ajumma! They tend to grab knitterly things out of your hands to examine them.)

So... We'll see you there, right? Great! I'll post afterwards with pictures and possibly some video. I'll leave you with a video of our interpretive yarn dance (read: detangling) from last year's KIP Day.

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